Why Drink a Nitro Cold Brew?

Have you tasted a nitro cold brew?  Brewed with cold or room temperature water for 12-24 hours, the cold coffee liquid is infused with nitrogen gas using a pressurized valve.  According to www.thrillest.com the saturation of tiny nitrogen bubbles into the coffee makes for a velvety textured brew with a satiny thickness.  Remind you of a Guinness beer description?  That’s because in recent years craft beer home brewers, with Guinness the first to do so, began infusing nitrogen into their drinks.


Although a bit pricey to concoct – up to $1500 for equipment – this velvety and slightly sweet coffee contains no dairy or sugar.  A bonus for the health-conscious coffee lovers. It feels like an indulgence, but has about five calories in a standard 12 oz. beverage.  A cold nitro brew is also vegan, keto, and paleo friendly.


So have you tried a nitro brew?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.

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