What I Learned About Coffee in Italy

I recently came home from a trip to Rome and enjoyed all of the pasta, gelato and of course, cappuccinos my heart desired. Coffee is consumed differently in Italy with the standard order being a tiny cup of espresso over our American mug of trip coffee. What I was most surprised by however was how the baristas served up these little shots to patrons as they stood at the bar.

In general as compared to other countries I've been to, America is a culture of take away and convenience eating while others tend to only eat while they eat. It struck me novel to think that the entire coffee experience for the day took place standing at the bar and not while sitting in front of the computer screen multi-tasking. 

As the saying goes... when in Rome... so last week I tried to channel my inner Italian and enjoy the experience of drinking cappuccino (pictured above). I noticed I drank significantly less than I do while home in New York, barely finishing my small cup. I swirled the foam and held the warm cup in my hands. Each sip was better the the last until my brain was fully satisfied. 

I encourage you to give it a try and give yourself a coffee moment away from what you normally do multitasking. See what you feel and if anything changes in how you enjoy your cup. 



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Sounds wonderful. Hope to enjoy a similar experience soon.

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