Only half of U.S. coffee drinkers like the taste

Coffee.  For some it’s a necessary morning ritual plain and simple.  For others coffee love involves science, art, and artisanal coffee beans. Wherever you are on the coffee drinking scale, 62% of Americans consume coffee daily.  According to the National Coffee Association (NCAUSA), nearly 60% of coffee served in the U.S. is “gourmet” (brewed from premium beans).  Most Americans prefer medium roast coffee, and 53% of coffee drinkers want to buy coffee that is certified good for the environment and good for coffee farmers and communities.  

Here’s a confounding statistic: only half of U.S. coffee drinkers like the taste.

What about those who don’t like the taste?  Apparently at least a quarter of the coffee drinking population prefers the energized feeling over taste. In addition to being energizing, Harvard and Mayo Clinic studies report that moderate coffee consumption can help burn fat, and keep you alert and attentive. Other studies report that coffee can help prevent certain types of cancers. 

Whether you crave coffee for the taste or for the energy you feel after a cup, coffee remains one of the most popular beverages in the world.  Have a cup today, and enjoy coffee’s many wonderful benefits. 

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