New For Home Baristas

Now you can have the taste of a pour-over coffee with the new Ratio Six filter coffee maker.  Sleekly designed, the Ratio Six looks like a drip coffee maker, but mirrors a pour-over coffee making process that includes an initial "bloom" pour. Weighing in at 8 pounds the Ratio Six is designed in Portland, Oregon.
This coffee maker includes
☕ the brewer itself, 
☕a dripper where you put the ground coffee and filter paper, and 
☕a thermos for the brewed coffee.  
The thermos will keep the coffee warm for up to an hour. Water flow is precisely metered through the bloom and brew phases. Designed for flat bottomed coffee filters, the Ratio Six also accommodates conical filters.
According to the Specialty Coffee Association,, the Ratio Six,, brews such consistently delicious, barista quality coffee that it's been awarded the SCA's Certified Home Brewer mark. The Ratio Six coffee maker meets the rigorous SCA industry standards for coffee brewers designed for in-home use.
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