Is Snapchilled the new kobe beef of coffee?

Have you tried Snapchilledtm Coffee, the latest coffee drinking trend? Food & Wine is calling it the "kobe beef of coffee." This cold coffee version, created by Elemental Beverage Company, starts with hot brewed coffee that’s “snapchilled” in seconds. 

The developers created a machine that can cool drinks from 140 degrees to 40 degrees in 60 seconds.  Without using traditional chilling methods such as ice, cold brewing, or refrigeration, a can of Snapchilledtm Coffee hasn’t been diluted or oxidized. This cold beverage process is said to preserves the aroma and flavor goodness typically found in hot brewed coffee, and actually enhances it.  Without the need for ice or an hours-long chilling process, which typically diminishes intrinsic coffee flavors and aromas, the result is a full bodied, complex cold coffee.

According to the National Coffee Association (NCAUSA), 1 in 5 Americans under the age of 40 drink at least one cold or nitro coffee every week.  Considering that only 5 years ago, cold and nitro brew coffees were new trends, we’ll probably see more cold coffee drinks develop.

We can't wait to try!

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