Coffee Storage Wars: The Battle for Freshness

Ever wonder which coffee storage container you should have?  And why bother storing coffee in anything but the bag?  In a word: freshness.  If you leave coffee beans exposed to open air they oxidize, which adds unwanted bitterness.  So, to keep your coffee free from oxygen, light, and heat you need a good storage container. 

Contrary to popular thinking, putting coffee in the freezer doesn’t really preserve freshness.  According to, putting coffee beans in an ordinary container or none at all, then storing it in the freezer can result in air exposure and freezer burn. Have you ever put a chocolate bar in the freezer and seen the white film that appears? That is the cold changing the structure of the fats in the chocolate. The same thing happens with coffee. The extreme cold changes the structure of the oils in the coffee bean. Additionally, once removed from the freezer, even leaving the coffee out for a few minutes can create condensation to form on the beans.  Moisture makes the beans go bad.

Consequently the 2 most important things to look for in a coffee storage container are air tightness and keeping the beans dry.  Next is to make sure that the container does not allow exposure to light and heat.  According to, it’s best to keep beans in a dark, vacuum-sealed container. 

After a lengthy Internet search, it appears that all coffee storage container roads lead to the Atmos Vacuum Canister available from and the OXO Good Grips Coffee Pop Container from  These 2 containers make every “Best of 2021” list reviewed.  The Coffee Gator Stainless Steel container from is also a highly rated coffee storage container.

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