Coffee Plantation Tour Suggestions for Coffee Geeks

Are you a coffee lover who likes to visit coffee plantations? For those who like Panamanian coffee, Tenue Coffee recommends Finca la Milagrosa @fincalamilagrosabqt and Finca Dos Jefes @finca2jefes in Boquete, Panama. Both offer on-site tours offer coffee tasting, a tour of the plantation, and explain the process of coffee growing from planting to roasting and grinding the coffee. 

Panama is also known for growing Geisha beans, one of the most popular coffee beans in the world for their very aromatic and floral brew. Boquete, Cerro Punta, and Volcan produce the highly sought-after Geisha bean, which has a smooth and aromatic flavor to it. It’s considered less acidic than other kinds of coffee beans.

If you prefer Costa Rican coffee, outside of Sarchi, Costa Rica’s 80-year-old Doka Coffee Estates @dokacostarica grows the Grano de Oro, or golden bean.  Along with electricity free, wet coffee storage and a specific drying method, the coffee offers a fresh, clean, delightfully natural sweetness, which is balanced by a drier yet fruity pungency. 

During a tour you’ll also learn about the peaberry, which describes the coffee bean itself vs. the origin or variety. Peaberry coffee, a naturally occurring mutation present in arabica and robusta coffee varieties, has only one bean or seed rather than the “normal” two beans present inside the coffee cherry.  Peaberries usually have more caffeine, and taste sweeter than other beans.

Coffee, a delicious world beverage, provides constant learning experiences to feed the soul.  Perhaps a coffee plantation tour is in your future!

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