Coffee Creates Memories

 If you’re a coffee lover, do you associate coffee with events?  For centuries humans have gathered to celebrate life with food and drink.  And coffee is no different since most cultures have enjoyed it for generations. 

Food and drink experiences are multidimensional:  both stimulate our senses, create a feeling of  warmth and satisfaction, and in turn satisfy our souls.  The events connected with these experiences tend to be remembered more because the sensory food and drinks amplify the situation.  

I think about the time I brought a bag of coffee from the Risaralda region in Columbia the to a family gathering.  I hadn’t seen some of the cousins in many years. While the coffee brewed, many commented on the rich, wonderful smells.  After serving the coffee, one cousin commented how it might even taste better because the cups were so fancy. One aunt told a hilarious story about a coffee-meet with friends a few weeks earlier. Others talked about their favorite coffee brands, cafes, and some of their best coffee memories.

Humans crave the positive interactions we have every day with our family, friends, co-workers, and members of our community.  

If you’re having a challenging moment or day, grab a cup of coffee, remember some of your favorite coffee drinking experiences, and revel in that happy memory.  You got this!

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My favorite memory is having dessert coffee in Puerta Vallarta. It had liquor in it and was served flaming. The perfect end to a meal. ☕

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